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Victor Malala is my name, Founder of Analytica Soft (analyticasoft.co.ke).  Due to the ever-rising numbers of victims of cyber attacks, fraud schemes, and other electronic theft of data and money witnessed every day: Analytica Soft has resolved to drive a non-profit awareness campaign on cybersecurity, personal security, and the institutional/corporate security The campaign is planned to be virtual and would take at least five days beginning around 15th April 2021 and will be divided into personal and institutional security lessons. Analytica Soft has reached out to security experts and talents in the industry to help take in the drive. We have witnessed a good number of young, enthusiastic individuals who have set out records of award-winning in the cybersecurity space to help in the overall sensitization process.

What is Our Goal?

We are inspired to educate, train and help reduce the ever increasing cyber attacks right from individual level to institutional level. The loss we incure due to breaching and penatration can be prevented. Join us Today

  • Learn from the best upcoming Security Experts & Case Studies
  • Have dedicated 2-to-1 meetings with the experts at an institutional level
  • Expose the most common methods used by attachers, hackers and fraudstars
  • To help persons and institutions know when they are faced with an electronic or cyber threat and how to mitigate
  • Reduce the number of successful attacks targeting individuals and institutions
  • Make Cyber security everyones responsiility
  • Outline safety tips that one needs to observe
  • Outline the myths and misconceptions about cyber threats
  • Outline The legal frameworks within the laws that can help people faced with cyber security
  • Expert Analysis, Talk and Engagments

April 20-22


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Speakers / Guests

Diana Waithanji

Award winning cybersecurity consultant | Founder of STEM Wahandisi La Femme| AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellow

She is a software and a cybersecurity engineer based in Kenya. She is the Founder of Wahandisi La Femme, a mentorship program for high school students into engineering and technology (including cybersecurity).Diana is also a cybersecurity researcher who has presented her work in international research conferences in Tanzania, Kenya, and Germany. Also created awareness on CyberSecurity on media such as BBC, Citizen TV Kenya, KUTV, Y254 TV amongst others.

Victor Malala

Host Speaker

Malala is an ICT enthusiast with keen interest , contribution, research and implementation of cyber security projects. He has presented several ICT research papers on ICT innovation and a contributor of ICT and cyber security on media such as KU TV among others

Milkah Mburu

Pre-Sales Engineer at Techmax Solutions Limited

Milka Mburu is a holder of a Degree in Computer Science and CompTIA Certificate in networks and Security. Milkah translates tech issues into everyday language that is easily understandable by all business unit. Moreover, she is a Certified Professional in many tracks like Tenable, Acunetix, Fortinet and Tufin. Her role is to deploy the security solutions, Train the end users and help them come up with a clear road map for vulnerability management. She has been working with Banking and Telecommunication sectors where she has worked with Companies in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Botswana. Milkah is a believer of secure interactions among people, processes and Technology

Mutala Mukosia

Journalist/Voice artist

Mutala Mukosia is a recognized journalist and voice over artist who has great experience in documentaries,fearures,script writing and commercial voice overs. Mutala has featured in ministry of interior,ministry of ICT,Ajira digital,Kenya Railways corporation,ministry of health, the Kenyan judiciary and SMEs documentaries and commercials

Andrew Wambugu

Cyber Security Enginner-Serianu LTD

Enock Mtuku

Cyber Security Freelancer

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